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May 22, 2019

Such a Beautiful Song!

I can never seem to get a glimpse of the Hermit Thrush, but I hear its intoxicating song from now until August! Take a listen and come hear them for yourself - come to Downeast Maine.


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Feb. 6, 2019

Big Foot Sighting Downeast?

Not really, but using snowshoes like these are a great way to get around this area of Maine during these snowy winter months. It's actually a great sport, and a great way to really experience this gorgeous nature around us!

Snowshoeing in Downeast Maine

Photograph by Mark Fleming


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Feb. 3, 2019

Tuesday Morning Birding Field Trips

This sounds like a wonderful thing to look forward to each Tuesday from January through April 2019.  The variety and number of birds in this region is amazing, so get out there and enjoy the nature around you!

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Barred Owl

© Sean Hatch

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