May 22, 2019

Such a Beautiful Song!

I can never seem to get a glimpse of the Hermit Thrush, but I hear its intoxicating song from now until August! Take a listen and come hear them for yourself - come to Downeast Maine.


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April 25, 2019

SOLD - in Milbridge, Maine

We worked closely with Mary Margaret and Tom to sell their beautiful, oceanfront home in under two months!  As you can see, the coast of Downeast Maine is just gorgeous, with wide vistas overlooking islands, peninsulas and toward rolling hills. We can help find this style home starting around $175,000.  For more details on this SOLD listing - click here.

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April 12, 2019

Gotta Love these Home Prices!

Affordable Downeast Maine!

Oceanfront home prices are so much lower here – from 25%-70% lower than the southern Maine coast, in fact! Based on real data from 2017-today, oceanfront homes in Hancock County can be 25-30% lower, whereas Washington County can be a whopping 60-70% lower. Add in the benefits of fewer tourists, a bold rocky coast and a laid-back way of life. Come check out Downeast Maine now!

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March 10, 2019

Acadia Birding Festival

Since 2006, this spring festival has drawn bird lovers and nature lovers to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor and the surrounding Mount Desert Island (MDI).  In 2019, the festival runs May 30-June 2, 2019.  Make plans to come and see birds such as the lovable puffins, gannets, razorbills, murres, terns, shearwaters, fulmars and many more!

You can find all of the details here:


Atlantic Puffin    Razorbill and Common Murre

All photos by Becky Marvil 

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March 3, 2019

Learn about Downeast Maine

Hancock County, home of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, has the longest coastline of any county in the state - if you take into account all its nooks and crannies. So it's no surprise that its most important industries are related to the sea - tourism and commercial fishing. Like its eastern neighbor, Washington County, Hancock is also blanketed by forests and blueberry barrens that blaze red in the autumn.

At the mouth of the Penobscot River, Bucksport marks the western boundary of Hancock County. It faces Fort Knox, one of the state's largest old stone and earthworks forts, across the water, and is dominated by an imposing paper plant visible from miles away. On spectacular peninsulas reaching southeast from Bucksport are Castine, with its towering old elms, rich history, picture-perfect downtown, and Maine Maritime Academy; Deer Isle, home to a colony of artisans and crafters; Stonington, a fishing village with a beautiful harbor and terraced downtown; and Blue Hill. Located beneath the small rise that gives the town its name, Blue Hill is a sweet village of venerable homes and artsy boutiques that overlooks a protected ocean inlet. Nearby are the villages of Penobscot, Brooklin, and Surry, each of which is a small town with interesting architecture and fantastic views.

The gateway to Acadia, Ellsworth is Hancock County's shiretown, best known for the plazas and strip malls that stretch for several miles down Route 1 and Route 3. One of the most visited of the nation's parks, Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island, is a breathtaking combination of rounded mountains and crashing surf. Most of these visitors end up in Bar Harbor, with its myriad bed-and-breakfasts, shops, and restaurants. Several of the island's other communities, such as Somesville, Southwest Harbor, and Northeast Harbor, also attract sizable populations of summer residents and shoulder-season visitors.

East of Ellsworth, traffic tails off and a quiet descends, making the Sunrise Coast - as it is called - as different as can be from Acadia. First you’ll come upon lovely Schoodic Peninsula, home of an offshoot of Acadia National Park.  From Schoodic, your views looking back west toward Bar Harbor and Acadia are just spectacular!  You will find the quintessential villages of Winter Harbor, Prospect Harbor and Corea on this peninsula.  Driving further east, the little towns that Route 1 passes through on its journey - Milbridge, Cherryfield, Addison, Columbia Falls, and Jonesport - are known for their fishing fleets and blueberry barrens. Petit Manan Lighthouse, McClellan Park and Roque Bluffs State Park celebrate the natural beauty of this area.

Calais is a border town on the St. Croix River and also abuts the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, an important wildlife sanctuary for breeding birds. Machias is home to a University of Maine campus and has an angular old downtown perched above Bad Little Falls. Eastport is the nation's easternmost city (not to be confused with Lubec, which is the easternmost town), and is a hub of the fishing industry and an important deep-water shipping port. The humpbacked island upon which Eastport sits gives most of the homes in the salty little city extraordinary views of Passamaquoddy Bay, and its brick downtown - where entire buildings sell for the price of a new Mercedes - has "potential" written all over it, just waiting to be discovered.

This article has been adapted from the February 2004 issue of Down East Magazine.

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Feb. 18, 2019

Sold in Just Two Months!

You may think that views like this one are nearly impossible to find.  But here in Downeast Maine, we can find one just like this for you too.  We are so happy for new buyers Alan and Eileen who will be enjoying this gorgeous vista for years to come. Call us today at 207-370-8894 and allow us to find the perfect oceanfront home just for you!!

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Feb. 15, 2019

Downeast Architect

Whether renovating an older home or designing a new one on your perfect parcel in Maine, check out architect Robert Knight's work.  We recently found a buyer in Prospect Harbor for one of his renovations.  Absolutely stunning!!

Have you done any renovations where you utilized the expertise of an architect?  Let us know about it - we'd love to know.

Knight Architecture


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Feb. 6, 2019

Big Foot Sighting Downeast?

Not really, but using snowshoes like these are a great way to get around this area of Maine during these snowy winter months. It's actually a great sport, and a great way to really experience this gorgeous nature around us!

Snowshoeing in Downeast Maine

Photograph by Mark Fleming


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Feb. 3, 2019

Tuesday Morning Birding Field Trips

This sounds like a wonderful thing to look forward to each Tuesday from January through April 2019.  The variety and number of birds in this region is amazing, so get out there and enjoy the nature around you!

Click Here for Details

Barred Owl

© Sean Hatch

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July 31, 2017

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