Hi there - As with many areas around the country now, Maine is going through a very hot real estate market with not enough homes out there to satisfy the demand for buyers.  But, you CAN act quickly enough to snag that home you love, before someone else gets it.  Even if you're out of state. Here's how...

  1. Review photos and virtual tour for the home, if available. We can even try to do a live video walkthrough of the home using FaceTime, Zoom, etc.

  2. Ready to make an offer? We can do it very quickly. You do not need to worry about earnest money deposit just to make an offer. That only comes into play if your offer is accepted, and even then you have several days to mail it in. In the offer, we will request 3-4 weeks so that we can complete all "due diligence". This includes any and all inspections you may want to have done on the home. If you're not happy with the results of inspections, the contract contains means for you to withdraw.

So, don't let this hectic and seemingly frantic real estate market get you down. Using this approach, you can still react very quickly when a new listing pops up that you love. Just contact us right away at (207) 370-8894. We look forward to getting you that Maine home of your dreams!